Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hexagraph Issues !

My hexagraph No 3 (1lb and 1/2 T/C)  rod was one of my favourites !
Was being the appropriate word as calamity struck when I lifted into a snag whilst out on the river . A loud crack and the two piece became three !
Why it shouold have broken just under the handle is a mystery to me , but the facts a fact !
I will try and get the rod back into action albeit a tad shorter , by re -ringing and getting a new handle put on .
Dave N was always pleased when he broke a rod as he viewed it as a chance to indulge in some retail therapy !

A Bream Bonanza !

A few more trips to the pre baited swim on the river have produced some lovely Bream . They are really big fish as well , with the two best going 7lb11oz and 7lb 10oz. I have not weighed or photographed the ones that look to be less than 5lbs !
Its a shame that the methods I am using are not really making the most of these lovely fish . Carp rods , 15lb line and method feeders in the hope of Carp or Barbel does not mean good sport from these fish I am afraid . I am getting lots of bites as well , but I am only hitting the three foot twich or complete rod pullovers ( a Jumper as I call it ! ) But to be fair these Bream do " hang on " a bit , and in the flow ( most of the fish have come on the flood tide ) they have tested the tackle a bit .

 You can aways tell if the Bream session has been good by all the " snot " everywhere ! Lovely !
 A lucky cow ? She kept me company for hours . I dont think she could understand the boat .
I moved to the opposite bank after some real issues with debris . Lovely and clear over here !

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Glorious 16th ......Or when will I see Noah ?

The baiting plan had been going well , so would the fish have found the lovely grub we had laid on for them ?

 I decided to go with a method feeder , using Vitalin and pellets and or corn as bait . My reasoning that we had been baiting with vitalin so it would be a good place to start .

The storm clouds were gathering however !

 Then the rains started ! I thought Noah would appear at any moment with his Ark !
 Raindrops !
 The Bream fed well . The best was a PB for me from the river . 7lb 11oz. They fought well too !

 More storms !
 Calamity struck !

I need to catch something !

After my recent few blank trips , I needed to catch something !

So off to the club lake and hopefully some Carp .

I found some Orchids on my short walk to my swim . Lovely !

 Plus the waterlilies were out . A good sign ?
 After my recent success fishing very close in , I decided to try the same again . I baited about a foot from the bank and waited for the Carp to arrive . At the same time I fished a boily and PVA bag , on a running leger about a rod length out . All set with the centrepin ready to screech should I be lucky !
It didnt take long !

The bankside swim had the Carp fighting each other to get at the corn and pellets ! I lost count of how many I caught which is always nice ! The close in fishing is really good and I must admit I am surprised that even after a hooked fish has been played and landed the Carp were returning to the spot to continue feeding .

At last a few fish to build the confidence ready for the grueller on the river after a Carp or Barbel !

Eeling Time !

I really like Eels . perhaps I need to qualify that comment ? I like big eels .

It is always great fun to target a few and the new Carp lake has a reputation for some big eels . So it would be rude not to have a go !

I decided on a late afternoon into the evening session . My favoured attack would be worms , fished popped up , over a bed of maggots and chopped worms , on a leger . Then on the other rod a float legered worm over the same free offerings . Why the change ? Well I just wanted to check out the float leger style of fishing .

 Lovely !
 Hopefully the snags would attract the eels .
I have recently acquired one of these old Shakespeare Ambidex reels . Perfect for this type of fishing . My centrepin approach having to take a back step here due to the need for keeping the resistance down . Hence the experiment with the float leger .

Well despite the best laid plans ! I caught every Rudd and Perch in the lake and ran out of worms before it got dark !

Next time it will be the deadbaits only .

Friday, 17 June 2016

In Search of the elusive Mullet

Now Jeff goes by another name : he is the Mullet Master ! As the ex Secretary of the NMC , he can sniff out a Mullet if they are around and then proceed to catch them !

So off we went , this time turning left out of the moorings instead of the more normal right .

With loaves of the cheapest white bread , and both feeder and float gear we trundled downstream to meet the sea .

We soon had them feeding ....except it was the " white peril" that found the bread first ! But behind them , and under them came the Mullet .

Jeff soon had one ..

The first Mullet of the season ! Always a good mark to be reached ! Hopefully a few more will grace the net ?

Feeding the fish ?

I have experimented with pre -baiting on the river on a few occassions . But each time the results have not been very good . I have always questioned if the amount of bait was enough or if I need to bait consistantly for longer .

Well this year Jeff and I have decided that the good ship " Finatic" would open up new opportunities , and a " proper " pre baiting campaign needed to be put in action .

I raided the local pet stores and sacks of Vitalin , Squeeker Mix and Hemp were purchased . Along with a sackful of pellets we had left over from last year .

Well if that lot wont draw in the fish , I dont know what will !

We shared out the baiting days and put aload in every few days . I think the river levels went up !

What will the 16th bring ?